Today i want write about money investment because this article is Important in this Era,We see many people do notknow,haw they spend money,There are also those who waste money in trivial matters for example they buy unnecessary things . People must exploit money in lucrative things like lucrative projects :like Business,the invetntion,Maens the work of any profitable project.there are those who spend money just for entertainment like Games and Somthing like that. We do’nt have people whon think positively of course not all people Because we have some people they invest moneu in what is positive and theyn are successsful people Because they are devoid of what is entertaining and think about what is positive.They are people who do’nt have much time Because they work a lot and succed in their lives while the other people have a lot time and they are fail in their lives this is because do’nt invest their money.There is a definition of projects like Establishment of a company or Somthing like that Establish stores or Cafe,There are many ares for investing money Only one schuld think about investing many will fin thought ares 7354