Making money online is so easy if you do the rights.
The rights is:
1-You must have a plan and start with it and you must know what do you want and how you could be able to reach your goals in a shorter time. Thus in first step draw a plan for your self and illustrate the goals you desire to reach.
2-You must build your email list that you can use for your online marketing in first step you can start with your friends and family emails and so on those you have on your email contacts if you don’t have don’t worry you could be able to reach and build your list by using the websites that prepared just search for it on net and you find those send mails to their list for free or with costs but you must select those that lead you to your goals with chose the proper category.
3-Focus , Focus and Focous Don’t jump from a program to another because it could waste your time and money first search on net and time on it to select the programs that leads you to your goals.