swhere best to invest awe have just seen the stock market is not without risk, and we must be prepared for the possibility of losing money. Although the best way to earn one is to buy right after the crash, it is not always easy to know when to sell. This market is reserved for an audience of insiders, so you must train at length to understand the ins and outs and accept the risk. It is possible to have a virtual wallet on many sites like Boursorama in order to train before bet your savings. If you want to get there later you can always open a PEA (Stock Savings Plan) with a small amount on it, to take the date for tax benefits (after 5 years of opening). Similarly on the online brokers you have the opportunity to open a life insurance, as the PEA it is necessary to take stock quickly, you will be able to place in the products like trackers that follow the indices of the largest capitals and betting on the long term. It is possible to invest in the market even when you do not know much: You have to bet on the long term. Look at the evolution curves of cac40, you will see that over long periods, the index increases. Train yourself and learn the stock market as with this article To find the first tips to start: Learn it with the advice of 5 experts and then in a real 11448
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