You can’t teach a child price/profit ratio. But with some other concepts, it can begin to establish important links between current efforts and subsequent results. Investment is something that pays off in the future. Take a copy of the little red chicken and read it to your child. The essence of this old fable: the hen has invested time and effort to turn the wheat into bread, sowing of grain, the collection and preparation of the test. The lazy animals that were her friends rejected her and didn’t help until it was time to eat. But this little red chicken wasn’t a joke. She refused to share bread with homeless people, and everyone learned a lesson. The chicken thought about the long term and reaped the fruits of its investment and hard work. Imagine the concept of an ’ investor ’when your child completes a puzzle or art project:’ Wow, you’ve really put in the time and effort—and see what you’ve done!Investments in various forms. As children find it hard to understand the concept of the future, wrapping their minds around investment can be tough. So take it to something tangible. Help your child to plant a garden or put seeds in a potty. Talk about the time when the plant should grow and the water should ’invest’ in it, so you are guaranteed a beautiful sunflower or ripe tomato at the online investment . In elementary school: play money online investment . (indeed!) Children of this age are able to absorb more than you think about simple investment concepts—and more interested than you think. 81160