As Bitcoin began its development, thousands of people appeared ready to invest in a promising project and the emergence of specialized crypto-exchange exchanges became inevitable. However, it took several years to form a full-fledged market. And even now, one can not help but note that there are only a few exchanges with a professional approach, which you can entrust your money. Development continues, and probably we are still waiting for a big change. The first major exchange Bitcoin has become It was founded in 2007 by Jed McCaleb, developer of eDonkey 2000 and Ripple payment protocol, for the trading of Magic the Gathering game cards, and bitlock trading started on July 17, 2010. So began the slow but sure growth of Bitcoin’s popularity. November 6, 2010, the price touched 50 cents, and February 9, 2011 equaled to the US dollar. In spring 2011, bitcoin trading started its march around the world and trade of different currencies - for the pound sterling, with the Brazilian real, the euro and the Polish zloty. By the end of April, Bitcoin became more expensive than the euro and pound. 5582