Internet trading is the purchase or sale of stocks, bonds, futures and options on the exchange. To date, all exchange operations are carried out through the Internet using special trading programs. Trading software to private investors is provided by broker companies that are connected to the exchange and have the appropriate licenses. buy stocks internet the purpose of stock trading - making a profit on fluctuations in the value of securities. On the one hand, it’s quite simple to make money on the - a trader sees the movement of financial instruments in a trading terminal and, with the push of a button, can make a deal to buy or sell an asset. But, in order to earn on the stock exchange constantly and steadily, it is necessary to have certain knowledge and skills, and most importantly, to gain experience in exchange trading. Sweet Invest, as a stockbroker, provides a full range of services for successful trading from software and technical assistance to training and analytical support. Recently, online trading has been associated with the real and, most importantly, legal form of earnings. Traders and private investors have gained the opportunity to make a profit through such a sought-after type of activity as stock trading. Thanks to access to the exchange and the availability of the trading program, private traders can trade on equal terms with professional participants of the stock market (investment companies, mutual funds, banks and others). 37718